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New Year’s Celebrations with Kids

Once you join the parenthood club, New Year’s Eve tends to look a little different…as in no high heels, last calls, and dance clubs. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating altogether! Whether your kiddos are old enough to remember it or if they honestly couldn’t care less, it’s just a great opportunity to have fun as a family and make some happy memories.

Here are a few things you can do to ring in 2018 the mama and daddy way!

  • Dress up! Just because you aren’t paying a cover charge or ordering off an overpriced menu doesn’t mean you can’t get a little glam. Throw on a sparkly top or cocktail dress (sans heels of course…let’s not get crazy here) and pop a cutesy dress or bow tie on your little. (Zero judgement if you change into sweats after two hours…I probably will.)
  • Don fun party hats. Make or purchase festive tiaras, party hats, or headbands to accessorize your outfit and get in the countdown spirit.
  • Have a dance party. You don’t have to be in a crowded dance club to get your groove on. Throw on some fun music and clear a dance floor right on your living room rug.
  • Get some noisemakers ready. Grab a few from the dollar or party store, or just make them yourself with some pennies in a tightly closed plastic bottle. (If you have very little ones where choking is a concern, superglue the cover on the bottle.) What toddler is going to turn down a chance to make a whole lot of noise, right?
  • Make snacks fancy. Serve Goldfish on platters, popcorn in party hats, or make these cute edible sparklers from My Little Makes.
  • Serve festive treats. Make a yummy dinner full of everyones favorites, and finish it off with chocolate pudding in plastic champagne flutes!
  • Ring in the New Year (Early!!) If you have kids who are determined to make it to the stroke of twelve, but you know they will be a Grump-asaurus Rex in the morning, do your countdown early! Celebrate at a time that will work with your child’s normal bedtime (or somewhere close.) Just hit up Google to find a time zone somewhere in the world that will coordinate your schedule and search for “countdowns” on Netflix featuring kid friendly characters. Once you get the littles tucked in bed after their countdowns, you’re free to celebrate together until midnight…or go to bed at 10pm…I totally get it.

However you decide to ring in the changing year, I hope you have a fun, safe, and happy holiday! Cheers to a happy 2018!

New Year's Eve


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