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51 Toddler Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, and being a parent adds a completely different level of magic to the fun. Reagan will be a few months shy of 2 years old this Christmas and she’s starting to enjoy the process of unwrapping gifts. (Or so I’ve learned watching her try to open other people’s gifts at parties and baby showers…)

We are quickly approaching the big day, and although my gift shopping was just about done this year by Thanksgiving, (I know, who am I??) I tend to leave stockings more until the last minute.

In order to help you get a better jump on it, I put together a list of fun little items that I think a toddler would love to pull out of their stockings on Christmas morning! Hit up the Dollar Spot at Target, the Dollar Store, Walmart, or Amazon if you’d rather stay in PJ’s on your couch.

You know better than I do where your child is developmentally, so some may be more age specific than others…just use your best judgement to determine which are most appropriate. This list is meant to offer inspiration.

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  1. Mittens or gloves
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Crayons
  4. Applesauce pouches
  5. Small cars
  6. Dinner utensils
  7. Bath toys
  8. Bathtub crayons
  9. Bubbles
  10. Sidewalk chalk
  11. Stickers
  12. Fisher Price Little People
  13. Sippy cups
  14. Coloring books
  15. Socks
  16. Finger Paints
  17. Hair accessories
  18. Character Bandaids 
  19. Sunglasses
  20. Hat
  21. Big-kid underwear
  22. Balls
  23. Play-doh
  24. Play-doh tools and molds
  25. Flash cards
  26. Safe nail polish
  27. Rubber stamps
  28. Magnetic alphabet
  29. Small books
  30. Snack cups
  31. Finger puppets
  32. Water Wow books
  33. Temporary tattoos
  34. Markers
  35. Action figures
  36. Memory game
  37. Small puzzle
  38. Play phone
  39. Bubble bath
  40. Silly straws
  41. Play jewelry
  42. Annie’s snacks
  43. Lovey blanket
  44. Teddy bear
  45. Slippers
  46. Doll clothes
  47. Mini Magna-doodle
  48. Leg warmers
  49. Travel Aqua-doodle
  50. Butterfly net
  51. Bandana bibs


Toddler Stocking Stuffers


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