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No-Carve Pumpkins for Toddlers

In my opinion, there really isn’t another decoration that screams “fall” more than pumpkins! Carved, painted, or just piled in a stack, they just add the perfect autumnal touch to any home!

Traditionally my husband and I carve pumpkins each year, but we sort of figured toddlers and knives don’t really mix. So we decided this year we would switch things up and paint them instead.

I didn’t want to lose the iconic “jack-o-lantern” face, so we used a paint resist technique to give Reagan’s pumpkin a cute toothy smile!


To create the face, I laid a bunch of basic painter’s tape down on a sheet of wax paper. By doing this, I was able to draw out the eyes and mouth like I wanted, cut them out, and peel them off just like stickers.


You could use this to create just about anything on the front of the pumpkin like your child’s name or a monogram. You could even apply the strips of tape directly to the pumpkin to create patterns.


Once we showed Reagan how to make the first mark, she was off! She absolutely loved it. Using the tip of a knife, we carefully peeled up the tape shapes while the paint was still wet so we wouldn’t chip any of the paint off.

She is so proud of her pumpkin and would probably carry it around the house if we let her! Do you carve or decorate pumpkins? What designs are you going for this year?









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