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Two Ingredient Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, so you have gifts ready to go for all the moms in your life, right? Well if not, I have you covered!

This super simple (as in my two year old made it herself) two ingredient sugar scrub is a perfect last minute gift to whip up for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just because!


All you need is regular ol’ white granulated sugar, and Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap in Pomegranate Splash. It smells so yummy, and really leaves your hands so soft.

Step One: In a large bowl, mix the two ingredients together until you reach your desired consistency, and pour into a cute jar.

Step Two: You’re done.

It’s really that simple! I like it to be a little on the thick side so the sugar is really gritty and is a great exfoliator. You could also mix it right in the jar if you prefer, but if I am making more than one jar, I like to do it in a bowl so it’s consistent throughout.

This is a really great gift for gardeners because it will easily cut through dirt and soil on their hands after a day planting flowers. (Throw a jar of this with some plants, flower seeds, gardening tools, or a gift card to the local greenhouse for a great gift!)

This was also a great project to do with Reagan because of its simplicity. Since there were only two ingredients and the measurements don’t have to be exact by any means, I was able to be pretty hands off and let her be independent. (Which she loves by the way…) The only part I did myself was transferring it into the small mason jars so it didn’t just end up all over the counter.


Pomegranate Sugar Scrub



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