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Cupcake Felt Board – If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

Welcome to the first week of the Tiny Tot Book Club! My daughter Reagan has always been a little bookworm. (Which totally warms this mama bookworm’s heart!) Now that she is two, I want to up the ante for how she engages with the books we are reading together. We will be working our way through some of our favorites and pairing a fun activity, craft, or treat with each one! Follow along with us!

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This week we read If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff. The whole If You Give A… series is on repeat in our house. I don’t know if it’s the pictures or the cute sequence of adventures the animals go on, but Reagan can’t get enough. (I have to say I love them too! Maybe it’s because I can totally relate. You know…if you give a mom a pile of laundry, she’ll carry it to the laundry room. When she passes the kitchen, she’ll remember she needs to make a grocery list. When she opens the junk drawer for a pen, she will realize it really needs to be organized…)

To go along with this book, I made a cupcake felt board for Reagan to assemble her own pretend treats! This was a super simple DIY that I put together with materials I already had on hand.

Out of cream, tan, and brown felt, I cut out some simple cupcake shapes. Out of a few pastel colors, I cut out frosting shapes, and cupcake wrapper shapes. I trimmed the top edge of the “wrappers” with pinking shears to give them the zig zag ripple of the real deal.


You could do this activity with just the shapes and assemble them on a table, but I wanted to create a surface for her to use them on. So I hot glued a large piece of grey felt onto a piece of foam core poster board to make a little tray.

Reagan’s imagination is so fun to watch these days. She kept picking up the felt cupcakes and taking little pretend nibbles and saying “Mmm! Yummy!”

This was such a simple – and not at all messy – way to “make” cupcakes, and it’s something we’ll be able to continue using.


Which is your favorite from the If You Give… series? Be sure to sign up for post updates so you’ll be able to follow along with the rest of our Tiny Tot Book Club!

Cupcake Felt Board


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