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Rainbow Froot Loops Necklace

Who remembers those chalky, pastel candy necklaces we wore as a kid? You know, the ones where after gnawing a few of the candies off, you ended up with a sticky, wet elastic string around your neck? 😁

This version is just a bit more toddler friendly and a little less heavy on the sugar. It also is a great way to practice fine motor skills, colors, and counting. (Not to mention its a built in snack!)

We just used regular old kitchen twine, a toothpick with the pointy ends trimmed off, scotch tape, Froot Loops, and several small bowls.

I started by adding one Froot Loop to each bowl, and let Reagan sort the rest from a big bowl to practice her colors. We named the colors together as she sorted, and worked on counting how many were in each bowl.

To create the necklace, I tied a knot around one froot loop in the end of the twine, and I taped the toothpick to the other end to make it easier to thread through the cereal. For older children, this would also be a great opportunity to create and discuss patterns with the colors.

I’ll be real with you, it did take a bit of encouragement to keep Reagan focused for the whole necklace. (I mean, she’s 2…) Especially once she realized it was food. (Girl likes to eat!)

I’d say she decided the final product was worth it! Have you made a Froot Loop necklace with your little ones?

Rainbowfroot loopsnecklace


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