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Green Pepper Shamrock Stamping

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a super simple craft to do with your littles to celebrate, this Green Pepper stamping will be perfect!

Mother Nature teased us this week with some beautiful springy weather, and today she dumped a bunch of cold, wet snow on us. So it was the perfect day to do a project indoors.

All you’ll need is green paint, some paper (we used paper doilies so we could make a festive little banner), and a green pepper with four bumps (Fun fact: Did you know you can tell which green peppers will be sweeter based on the bumps? Four bumps are sweeter than three.)


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Slice the very bottom off the pepper to expose the “shamrock” shape, dip it in the green paint, and stamp!




We strung ours on some cute baker’s twine to make a banner to hang in our living room. (I think that one on the bottom right is my very favorite. haha. We let Reagan have creative license on that one, and it was so cute to see her experimenting with stamping the pepper.)


shamrock stamping



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