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DIY Color Sorting Activity

Sorting colors is a great skill to practice with toddlers and preschoolers. To make the process fun, I whipped up this color sorting tray to use with Reagan and she picked it up so quickly! (Bonus, it’s also a great fine motor skill builder!)

This literally took me about ten minutes to put together, and I used stuff I already had on hand. (Disclaimer: There are a few affiliate links in this post. You can read our disclosure here.)


I had this dollar store plastic veggie tray kicking around in a closet from a past party, and I pulled some felt out of my craft stash. The only thing I actually purchased was the bag of pom poms.

I liked the flower petal-esque shape, so I cut the felt to mimic those shapes, and then I simply hot glued them down.



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We started with just two of each color pom pom mixed up together right in the center compartment. We were very hands-off as she chose the spot for each pom pom, but we did talk about what each color was called as she made the matches.

Once she mastered that (which was a surprisingly short time…) we started handing her small toys to sort for another little challenge.


This is a super quick and easy project to throw together that you can continue to pull out on yucky days, or when you just need a few quiet minutes. (Reagan will usually sit in her high chair for a good amount of time playing with this while I do dishes, work at the table, etc.)




This will probably come as a huge shock to all you toddler mamas out there, but would you *believe* that when I tried to take pictures of Reagan playing nicely with her color sorter, she decided she didn’t want to cooperate, didn’t want to have her picture taken, didn’t want to play with one of her current favorite things…?

*Insert eye roll here*



pom pom sorting


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