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Friday Favorites: Toddler Sun Protection

Here in Vermont we have been having some absolutely gorgeous weather. Although I know there are still some cold days in our future before Summer officially arrives, (and though I have seen that some snowflakes actually fell in the Midwest this week…ew!) we have been soaking up as much fun in the sun as we can!

Our daughter is very fair skinned, with fine strawberry blond hair. This will be her first summer actually spending a lot of time outside since she was only a few months old last year.

For this week’s Friday Favorites, I have rounded up a list of sun protection essentials to keep her translucent ivory skin safe and avoid sunburn this sunny season! *This list contains affiliate links. Please check out my full disclosure here.


  1. Sun Hat: We seem to be lucky and Reagan often tolerates hats better than some kids do, but we use hats that fasten under her chin just to make sure. This one has sun protection built right in which is very important, and it has an adjustable toggle chin strap.
  2. Sunscreen: We have begun using Babyganics Mineral-based sunscreen. Reagan has had very sensitive skin since she was born. She pretty much ended up with every skin ailment that young babies experience; baby acne, cradle cap, heat rash, eczema…and now that she has this beautiful clear and soft toddler skin, I want to keep it that way! This sunscreen has been nice and gentle on her. My sister-in-laws have also recommended Alba Botanica or Aveeno Baby Sunscreen (another great sensitive skin brand!) It is widely recommended that you should not use sunscreen on babies under 6 months, instead relying on shade for protection. Make sure you discuss this with your pediatrician. Many feel that sunscreen is better than sunburn if you are going to be in a situation where shade is hard to come by. Protect that little babe’s skin!
  3. Rash Guard swimsuit: While teeny bikinis might seem super cute for your little girl, a rash guard style suit offers much more sun protection. And there are a ton of super cute options! Check out this little floral number on Amazon, or this one for your little man!
  4. Water! This one may not seem like sun “protection” per se, but it is such an important thing to remember on a day in the sun! Your toddler is going to be having so much fun, he isn’t going to stop and say “Mama, I think I should probably rehydrate now.” Make sure you keep water on hand at all times when spending time outside to keep those little bodies hydrated. Reagan still doesn’t know how to use a straw, so we use these Nuk sippy cups, and once she can use a straw, we’ll graduate to these CamelBak bottles. Keep quick simple snacks on hand as well to keep energy up.
  5. Stroller Fan: Summertime often means parades. While sometimes you can park your stroller in the shade, it’s still very easy to overheat on a hot summer day. These clip on stroller fans are great to keep some air flow going around your peanut in the stroller.
  6. Sunglasses: Ok, so I used to think sunglasses were just so stinkin’ cute on babies and toddlers, but they also offer some great sun protection for their eyes. Make sure to get a pair that offers UV protection to get the full benefit.
  7. Shade Breaks: This isn’t a sun protection product to buy, but it’s another important thing to remember. When possible, try to stay out of the sun when it is at it’s most powerful, between 10am and 4pm. That being said, most barbecues are not held at midnight, and chances are you probably aren’t hitting the playground at 7am. Just make sure to take shade breaks when you can if you’re outside during this window.
  8. Umbrella or tent: If you are at the beach or in a backyard with no trees to shelter under, a large umbrella or pop up tent offers an escape from the rays without going back inside.

Enjoy the sunshine this summer, but make sure you do it safely!

Happy Friday!


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