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Friday Favorites: Morning Sickness Remedies

Friday is upon us, which means it’s time for Friday Favorites! Each week, I will share a few of my favorite things with you! *This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

Let me just begin this with a disclaimer for anyone who knows me…I am NOT preggers. However, since little bub is only a year old, memories of morning sickness are still in my mind, and the ways I was able to reduce it. I have a couple girlfriends who are cooking their own little buns right now, and they’ve been struggling with some rough nausea.

They’ve inspired this week’s Friday Favorites: Morning  All-Day Sickness remedies!

  1. Preggie pop drops: These are essentially sour hard candies. When I was pregnant, I was working retail, so I couldn’t exactly be walking around sucking on a lollipop, which is how these candies originally were sold. These were easy to pop in my mouth when I got a wave of morning sickness, and the sour flavors were great at curbing the yucky feeling. They were also pretty incognito, so I was able to use these before we had let the cat out of the bag…
  2. Small snacks: I found that nibbling on small snacks throughout the day helped keep my stomach settled, so I didn’t go anywhere without small snacks like peanut butter crackers. (I started out carrying those little 100 calorie packs of almonds, but after a particularly rough day, those became one of my weird pregnancy aversions…so that was the end of that.)
  3. Mama Sea Bands: These were easily my most powerful weapon when it came to any kind of ill feeling. These bands — which are reminiscent of an 80’s jazzercise outfit — have a little plastic ball that presses an acupressure point on the inside of your wrist. They curb carsickness, seasickness, and thankfully, morning sickness! They may not be particularly stylish, but they totally worked for me!
  4. Electric toothbrush: Ok, so this one is definitely a less obvious remedy, and it might not be relevant to everyone. My biggest morning sickness trigger was brushing my teeth in the morning. My gag reflex was super sensitive, so the second I tried brushing my back teeth, I would start to gag and then either get sick, or just feel miserable. Once I switched to an electric toothbrush, I was able to be a lot more gentle, and brushing my teeth became much less of a trigger.
  5. Water with lemon: We know that hydration is crucially important during pregnancy. It’s recommended that pregnant women drink around 12-13 glasses of water per day during pregnancy. (Your bladder probably won’t thank you, but baby will!) Adding some lemon to your water bottle will both make it more interesting to drink your weight in water, and the tart citrus can help curb some of those nauseous feelings.
  6. Watermelon: Another of my biggest cravings during my pregnancy was fresh fruit. Berries, apples, watermelon, you name it. I wanted cold, fresh fruit. I couldn’t get enough. And as a bonus, did you know that watermelon is actually known to alleviate morning sickness? Watermelon is an alkaline food, which can help reduce the urge to “toss your cookies”. (Other alkaline foods include cucumbers, lemons, limes, avocado, carrots.)

It’s important to remember that while some nausea is very normal, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, severe sickness and inability to keep any food or drink down is not. If you feel like your morning sickness has gotten out of control, it is important to talk to your doctor about other treatments.

If you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel…just remember: FullSizeRender

Happy Friday Mamas!!


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