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Toddler “Blowing Kisses” Valentine Cards

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I’m a sucker for a good crafty project, so I wanted to make some cute Valentines with Reagan.

We whipped up these little “blowing kisses” cards to send out to all her grandparents! My hub’s family all lives out of state, so these cards were also the perfect way to send some kisses long distance! (Speaking of which…grandparents, if you’re reading and yours hasn’t arrived, I’m sorry if the surprise gets ruined!)

All you’ll need for this project is paint and brushes, printed and solid cardstock, a mostly cooperative toddler, and an adhesive tape roller.


Don’t forget a good smock! We got ours at AC Moore, but these are super cute too!

In true toddler fashion, Reagan wouldn’t let us paint her hand until I painted my own, showed her the print it made, and gave her her own paintbrush to help with…but we made it happen. #momlife

Once you’ve got as many handprints as you need, set those aside to dry. I layered up some cute cardstock to add a little extra interest to the card. (Valentine’s don’t all have to be red and pink, right?)

To create the little “lift the flap” element, I stuck a little strip of white cardstock under where the photo will be and folded it up about an inch or so on the bottom.

Then the hand gets adhered onto the little extra flap so it can fold down and show off your cutie and their message!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! xoxo



blowing kisses pin



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