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Pink, Gold and Floral 1st Birthday

Last weekend, we celebrated our little girl’s first birthday…I’m still in denial.

It seems like just yesterday she was arriving into the world (that is, after 48 exhausting hours of labor, and just 20 minutes of pushing!)IMG_5104

But, as much as I keep trying to pretend it isn’t happening, my baby is now one whole year old. Today I am going to share the details of her party with you. I love hosting parties and adding a lot of personal little details, so I really enjoyed putting this together.

I decided on a soft and feminine pink, gold, and floral color scheme instead of going with a character or princess theme since she doesn’t really know any or have a favorite.

One of my biggest projects was a handwritten chalkboard with all of Reagan’s “stats”, favorite things, words she says, nicknames, etc. I used an unframed 2’x4′ chalkboard from Home Depot. They’re quite inexpensive (only 10 bucks!) and a nice big size for the money. (I actually originally used it in lieu of programs at our wedding. It listed our parents names, bridal party, etc. I decided it was finally time to erase that one and repurpose it.)

For our wedding, I didn’t really know much about doing this type of thing, so I used actual chalk. I was nervous any time anyone went near it, because I knew a powerful sneeze would wipe it clean.

For Reagan’s birthday board, I laid everything out using regular chalk, but I used bistro markers for the finished product, so it was more permanent. Which is great, because it took me several weeks to complete, so it stood against the wall in our dining room, and she had her little hands all over it every chance she got. No smudges!

A lot of this is just playing around with different writing styles, different sizes, and fitting things in like a puzzle. I love faux calligraphy (and I follow some really talented hand letterers on Instagram who are so inspiring!) so this was a really fun project for me. Once I had the writing all finished, I added some flower details, some shading on the banners, and other little drawings to add some interest and color.


I’m not much of a soda drinker, but I am a sucker for the sparkling grapefruit flavor of Izze. Bonus, they also matched the color scheme, so it was the perfect opportunity to add in a “cute” looking beverage. The only two kids at the party were my two nephews, so I didn’t have to worry about too many little kids going bonkers on soda.

While shopping at Hobby Lobby for party inspiration and decor, I came across a roll of floral paper that I fell in love with. I had no idea exactly what I would do with it, but it fit in perfectly for my vision for the party, so into the cart it went. It turned out to be the perfect paper to wrap the bottled water with to add a little pretty flair.

My mom made all of my birthday cakes growing up, and she even made our wedding cake, so it was only fitting that she would make Reagan’s first birthday cake. She went with a peachy shell pink and white for the cupcake frosting, and used the perfect sparkly gold wrappers.

She made a small cake for Reagan to have all to herself. We discovered during her cake smash photo shoot that she isn’t a fan of very sweet frosting, so for her birthday cake, my mom frosted it with Cool Whip so it wasn’t quite as sweet. It did the trick, she loved it!

My sister-in-law (and talented baker behind Take Your Sweet Time) made cute little “1” shaped sugar cookies.

Behind the dessert display, I hung up the tissue paper garland that I made for her cake smash backdrop. (Check out this post to make your own.)

Over the past year, I have taken a monthly photo of Reagan on the same blanket with the same bear to see the transition over time. (Boy, let me tell you, that was a real kick in the pants to look at those all together.) For the party, I strung them all up with clothespins to display how much she has changed.


I wanted to “beautify” her high chair since I knew people would be taking pictures, so I made a few more tissue paper tassels in white and gold, and made a “one” banner out of the same floral paper I used for the water. I put a tension rod between the two doorways and draped some pink chiffon over to create a whimsical backdrop, complete with giant gold “1” balloon. The perfect throne for the Birthday Queen.

Speaking of Birthday Queen…every queen needs a crown, right?

I made this adorably tiny birthday crown headband for her cake smash shoot, and it made an appearance again for the party.

Although a first birthday is for the birthday girl, it also felt like a chance for us to celebrate with family and friends the fact that we made it through our first year as parents! It was so easy to feel the love for us and for this awesome little human we created! (And she is so lucky and loved, she gets to do First Birthday: Round Two with my husband’s family in Syracuse!)

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